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SEOpressor is a BAD IDEA, even the FREE SEOpressor clones!!!


If you are using SEOpressor, or a free seopressor equivalent, you need to stop now. Nothing changes as fast as the Internet, and while 'Keyword Density' was a great idea when it came out, it's now an absolute liability. If you want to guarantee your posts will get dumped into Google's sin bin, keep using SEOpressor, because that's how dangerous keyword density is nowadays.


Why do we say this? When BloggerHigh started, our aim was to help new bloggers get up to speed fast, by providing free tools that helped them get their websites indexed quickly, and ranking for their chosen keywords. We supplied a range of tools to do this, including BloggerHigh's rightly famous free SEOPressor clone. However, the internet has moved on, and relying on clunky old keyword density, or putting your trust in products like SEOpressor is now a recipe for disaster. Let us make one thing clear:-

There is nothing you can do on-page to 'force' a search engine to rank you highly.

That doesn't mean on-page SEO is no longer vital, because it is still the case that if you offer up crap content, the engines will index it, but will then immediately dump it into the waste bin of page 1000. So what you need to do is ensure you don't accidentally trip any of the search engine 'P.O.S' filters. How do you do this? First, avoid duplicate content. Spinning existing content to try and fool the engines that it is 'unique' no longer works, and only alerts the engines to the fact that you're a spammer, looking for a shortcut. Next, the content has to be of reasonably quality. Not too short, not too simplistic, not too complex, and with a clear keyword target, but not too high a keyword density. If you can do all these things, the search engines will not only index you, they will 'try out' your new page with some real human traffic so they can monitor bounce rates. After a few thousand visits, they have enough information to decide if the real live human public like your article when searching for your keywords, and if they do, you will rank.

And that's the problem with tools like SEOpressor:- first of all, they expect you to already know what your keywords are. You will be AMAZED how often your page is targeting something completely different, so frankly, telling you that the keyword density for a word or phrase that may not even be in your page's actual top ten is naive beyond the point of stupidity. Next, no search engine does brutal single-word or phrase analysis anymore. All of them are sophisticated enough to analyse text lexically. So to SEOPressor, "BloggerHigh", and "BloggerHigh's" are regarded as two different keywords, but to Google they are lexically identical. What SEOpressor is doing then is under-calculating actual keyword density, and encouraging you to accidentally indulge in keyword stuffing which is the major reason for getting dumped into the sin bin after dupe content. There is no 'try', as Yoda said, their is only 'try too hard'.

So whats the solution to the death of keyword density?

Simple. Use a lexical page analyser that employs keyword prominence rather than a clunky old keyword density tool like SEOpressor. The best Keyword prominence tool for Wordpress is the Lexx Plugin from TigerStep, and we heartily recommend you grab it fast, and replace your dangerous SEOPressor plugin with this superb new tool. You can get Lexx free here:- Get Lexx Plugin Free

You need to do this NOW - if you delay, all you are doing is adding more and more content to your site that will irritate the seach engines, and cause Google, Bing etc to eventually decide your entire website is simply a big pile of spam. If you start using Lexx, you can be sure that the only thing that will stop you getting floods of free traffic is teh quality of your writing.





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