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Bloggerhigh Linkcloaker Help - Automatically encrypt backlinks on your wordpress blogs with this simple plugin!!!


if you have been affiliate marketing for any length of time, you will have noticed that as you reach a higher level of income, sales start to slacken off. Why is this? Other people are STEALING your commissions! Unscrupulous individuals are quite happy to let YOU do all the hard work of finding and recommending products, and then sleazily replace your affiliate ID with their own, so YOU don't make any money! Even worse, the hundreds of millions of copies of Spyware surrepticiously installed on computers around the world do the same thing programatically - replace YOUR affiliate ID with that of their creators.This happens on ClickBank, Commission junction, in fact EVERY affiliate network that uses commissions.

Recent research indicates that over 60% of legitimate commissions get stolen by one or other of these techniques, which means YOU are giving away MOST of your income!

So what's the answer? ENCRYPT YOUR LINKS!

This simple plugin automatically encrypts your outbound links to make it IMPOSSIBLE for competitors to steal your commissions. It doesn't affect internal links, so you can still pass PR around your site however you like, and you can even specify a 'whitelist' of domains or words that you DON'T want the plugin to encrypt.

An added advantage? Links become redirects from a local page on your site, so you no longer pass pagerank to other sites unless you want to!

There's no video for this plugin because it really is so simple. After you've downloaded it from your bloggerhigh account and installed it on your blog, simply:-

  • Enter your BloggerHigh Account ID and password. Your Account ID (aka 'User ID') is the big number at the top right of your home page when you log in to BloggerHigh.
  • Tell it where you have put the 'redirect' page. The redirect page defaults to 'more.php' in the plugin folder you just created, and the plugin automatically knows this, but if, for example, you'd rather call it 'myoutlinks.php' and put it in a folder called 'freddy', just enter that information in the first text box.
  • Specify any sites you DON'T want to encrypt. Put one per line in the second text box, for example or or The plugin won't touch any link that contains any of these text strings, so you can still pass PR outwards if you want to.

When a page is loaded by Wordpress, the plugin will find and encrypt any links on a post, changing them from (for example):-



No more stolen commissions, and no more PR leakage!



Newbies often ask the following:-

How strong is the encryption?

Very. At almost 'military level', it would be pointless for a competitor to even TRY and reverse engineer your encrypted links.

Why doesn't it encrypt internal links?

Because most people don't want that. Passing PR among your own pages is a common tactic, and encrypting internal links would stop you doing that. Also, what would be the point? It's your site, just rename the page to something strange, if that's what you want to do.

Do I have to specify complete URLs for the whitelist?

No. You could just specify yahoo for example, and any link that contained the string yahoo wouldn't be touched. You'd be wise to specify clearly, of course, otherwise it may not encrypt links that just happened to have the string in them, but weren't actually the yahoo domain.

How can I change the redirection page?

The php file that does the actual redirection of the cloaked links defaults to more.php and is installed in the bloggerhigh plugin folder along with the other files that comprise the plugin. if you want to call it something else, simply rename more.php to whatever you like (e.g. xdlgdhjcot.php :-) and then move it to the folder where you'd prefer it to live. It's possible to put it anywhere on your site, even the root (e.g. ) of the site - the only restriction is that the file has the php extension. When you have renamed and/or moved the file, simply put the location in the first text box in the plugin admin page. The site linkies.php moved to your root folder, for example, would be entered as /linkies.php and the file outboundlinks.php in the subfolder fred would be entered as /fred/outboundlinks.php . Note that you don't have to rename or move the file unless you want to - the defaults works well - it's provided as a convenience in case you are worried about footprinting.

Does it automatically make links 'nofollow'?

No. As it is using an internal redirect from a page on your site there's no need for 'nofollow'. In fact, using nofollow on internal links can be counterproductive - consult the Google guidelines for more on this topic.

Does it make links open in a new window?

No. If you want this to happen, specify it in the original link because the plugin does not automatically add '_target' instructions to llinks (this is because we believe you should be in control of that feature).

How can I hide the attribution link at the bottom of the page?

This plugin is free for personal use, so you can use the bottom option on the options screen to hide or show the attribution link. This is theme dependent of course, and the best way to ensure there is no attribution link is simply to upgrade to our Graduate programme, after which this plugin won't show any links.



The Bloggerhigh linkcloaker plugin is basically a functional equivalent to commercially available plugins that provide link encryption for your Wordpress blogs, and is copyright Bloggerhigh 2011. The software was written from scratch and is based on publicly available libraries for PHP. It is client-based, and places an attribution link at the footer of your blog. You use it at your own risk, and we make no guarantees as to its availability or accuracy, although the Faculty will, of course, make every endeavour to provide a seamless efficient service for you. All third party trademarks are hereby acknowledged.

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