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Bloggerhigh AutoCommentPlus Help - Unique Relevant Comments for your wordpress blogs with this simple plugin!!!


The Bloggerhigh Autocommentplus wordpress plugin can be installed on any wordpress blog running the latest version of wordpress and will put unique relevant comments on every post you make. It can supply comments hundreds of times each month. Why do you need comments on your blog? Simple.

  • First, it makes the search engines believe you have a popular blog. After all, comments imply traffic, and traffic implies popularity.
  • Secondly, it 'refreshes' your posts. This means that the search engines will start coming back regularly to see what has changed, and re-index your posts. Search engines LOVE regularly updated content.
  • Thirdly, It extends your content with relevant on topic additions, making the whole page more unique in the eyes of the search engines. And the only thing the engines love more than unique content? Constantly updated unique content!

If you prefer a video demonstration, click the start button!

Once you have installed the plugin, the first thing you do is create a new post (or edit an existing one). Let's look at creating a new post. Click the Wordpress 'add new' button.

On the right you will see the BloggerHigh Comments plugin box. You only have 2 options in this box, so it's nice and easy. You specify a keyword or keyphrase describing the 'topic' of the post, and you have a checkbox which will, if checked, bring back a 'test' comment for the specified keyphrase when you save the post. The text underneath is a brief explanation of how to choose your keyword or phrase, and is VERY IMPORTANT.

Basically, you need 2 or 3 words in order for the system to generate good quality targeted comments. The phrase credit cards for example is good, and will bring back great comments all about... credit cards! The phrase credit card consolidation is also good, and will bring back slightly more targeted comments about ... you guessed it... credit card consolidation. The phrase Mastercard low interest credit card consolidation will bring back.. nothing., because it's too specific. The phrase cards will bring something back, but it won't be very targeted, so you probably won't like the comments (it will return stuff about birthday cards, business cards, ID cards, playing cards as well as credit cards).

This is why you have the checkbox to bring back a test comment. If in doubt, check it, and press save. You'll soon see if it is bringing back the right sort of comments for your post. Don't get too specific, and don't be too loose. Don't go 'longtail', and if you want to use only one word, make sure it is unambiguous. Archery, for example, is unambiguous. Market is ambiguous (stock market? Job market? Foreign Exchange market?). Also, don't try to use brand names or IDs as keyphrases. Samsung XP-1909 Backlit LCD won't get you anything. Samsung on the other hand, or LCD Television will! Don't put in multiple phrases - more than 3 words probably isn't bringing anything back, and cars,autos,vehicles,repair shops really isn't going to work!

You just need to use a little common sense, and generate a test comment to make sure your comments will be targeted properly.


Next, click the 'Save Draft' button and if you have checked the 'Get a test Comment' checkbox, you will either get back a test comment (as highlighted in pink in the picture above) or an error message. The example above, by the way, used 'student debt consolidation' as the keyphrase - nice and targeted, but not too long.


After a while, the system will have generated lots of comments for your posts like this:-

What's particularly interesting is that once your posts start showing comments, you'll be amazed that real people start to comment too! This is because everyone wants to be part of a success, and a post with comments looks popular.

How often does the plugin generate a comment? It depends on your settings in the main control panel which looks like this:-


Enter your BloggerHigh Account Number (top right of your home page when you log in to your BloggerHigh account) and your BloggerHigh password. You control how fast the plugin generates comments with the 'Comment frequency' drop down list. The options are slow, normal and fast. It defaults to normal, which will put up a new comment maybe 8 or 10 times a day. As you have a limited allowance per month, we'd recommend you use the default (or even 'slow' if you want to run it on more than one blog!). if you need more allowance, sign up to our Graduate Programme for instant upgrades in your allowance.

The next option is a checkbox. If you select this checkbox, the plugin will try and use the post's "tags" in order to generate a comment. Obviously, this relies on how good your tagging is - the same rules apply as if you manually specify a topic keyphrase. Not too long, not too short. Good autoblogging software, such as the system will automatically tag your posts correctly which means good comments.

The third option is another checkbox that allows you to specify whether to automatically approve comments or not. If you deselect this checkbox, you will have to manually approve or decline all the generated comments.



Newbies often ask the following:-

Why isn't there a free version of AutoComments?

There WAS a free version, which was seriously abused by a small (but growing) minority of selfish people. These people installed it on hundreds of blogs they owned, and the result WASN'T a ton of free comments for them, all it ended up doing was creating the equivalent of a DDOS attack on our servers. We couldn't allow this to impact the rest of the BloggerHigh community (who are generally well behaved good citizens!), so we no longer supply a free version. If you still want relevant unique comments on your blog, the answer is simple. Join our Graduate Programme. For a few bucks a month you can get large allowance of comments, and autoposts too, not to mention all the other advantages of being a Graduate.

What are the comment posters names and websites?

These are randomly generated from 2 billion name combinations, and the alexa top 1,000,000 domains in order to reduce any possible 'footprint'. Unless your blog has some 'dofollow' plugin installed, these comment links will be 'nofollow' anyway, so it's pretty much irrelevant as long as it doesn't leave a footprint the search engines could spot (which it doesn't).

Some of my comments appear to be random 'I like this post' type comments.

If the system can't generate a real comment (i.e. you haven't specifed your keyphrase or tags properly - see above!) it will occasionally generate a random 'Where can I find out more / What a great post / nice article' kind of comment. These are randomized and spun, so they are footprintless too. They just aren't as good as a real autocommentplus comment so... specify your keyphrase properly and test it!

How can I hide the attribution link at the bottom of the page?

The fourth option on the options screen attempts to hide or show the attribution link. This is obviously theme-specific, of course. You can guarantee that this plugin will NOT put an attribution link on your site by joining the Graduate Programme.




The Bloggerhigh AutoComment plugin is basically a functional equivalent to commercially available plugins that provide automated comments for your Wordpress blogs, and is copyright Bloggerhigh 2010 -2011. The software was written from scratch and is based on the publicly available XML remote call access libraries for PHP. It is server-based, and places an attribution link at the footer of your blog unless you are part of our Graduate Programme. You use it at your own risk, and we make no guarantees as to its availability or accuracy, although the Faculty will, of course, make every endeavour to provide a seamless efficient service for you. By using this plugin, you acknowlege that anything you publish by any method, including plugins on a blog is your responsibility. All third party trademarks are hereby acknowledged.

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