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Announcing The Lexx Plugin From Tigerstep!

The Faculty originally created BloggerHigh to provide a range of free Wordpress plugins that would enable anyone to create high-quality high-traffic blogs, fast, and simply. To that end, they assembled plugins such as the free SEOpressor clone, which did everything SEOpressor did, but for free, and autocontent tools to help a blog establish itself quickly and get some Google Love.

However, things move on, and nowhere does this happen as fast as on the Internet. Autoblogging tools are now a definite no-no, because search engines have gotten good at spotting them, and penalising sites for their use. Even on-page SEO tools such as SEOpressor freely admit they are now DANGEROUS, because they encourage you to try and tweak your content to deliberately manipulate the search engines. Google, Bing etc are understandably unhappy about that and will penalise you for it.

However, it's not all bad news! Everything good that the BloggerHigh tools used to do, and everything good we'd still like to be able to offer you is now available, free, in a new on-page Wordpress plugin that will prevent you doing anything that might incur the wrath of the search engines. You no longer have to fear that your pages will be 'banished into the netherworld of unseen listings' because there's a free plugin that will save you from that fate!

That plugin? Lexx, from TigerStep.

Download the Lexx Plugin, a free SEOPRessor equivalent

Lexx will help you ensure your posts not only get indexed by Google, Bing etc, but also get the free traffic they deserve. You can no longer rely on keyword density anymore, because that will almost certainly earn you a search engine lifetime ban:- you now need to use keyword prominence if you intend to make your on-page content the very best content it can be.

We wish you luck with your blogging, and hope your writing wins you the fame and fortune you deserve!

best wishes, The Faculty

Download the Lexx Plugin Free

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BloggerHigh Free Wordpress SEO plugin - clone of SEOpressor

The BloggerHigh Seopressor free clone - an SEO plugin for Wordpress! If you write a blog, you will LOVE this free wordpress plugin. Automatically increase your on-page SEO score from the low 20s to 90% or higher! It's like having an SEO expert standing next to you as you work!

An equivalent to commercially available SEO optimization plugins such as the SEOpressor free wordpress plugin (that sells for $100!) this incredible free plugin also works on your autoblogs, leveraging their on-page SEO scores so they rank better in Google! Sign up on the left to download the free plugin now! Note that this is nothing to do with Daniel Tan, any other free SEOpressor plugin or any other of his products!

BlogAvenger - protect your blog copyrights automatically

A free version of the BlogAvenger Blog Protection plugin! Previously sold at $79 a year per blog, you can now get it FREE!

This plugin protects your blog copyright automatically, stopping all copyright infringement automatically using image watermarking, DMCA generation, text disabling, RSS protection and more! You are losing up to 80% of your blog's revenues to copyright thieves! STOP THEM NOW, AND MAKE THE WEB A BETTER PLACE AT THE SAME TIME!

BloggerHigh Free Wordpress SEO plugin - clone of SEOpressor

The BloggerHigh AutoContentPlus plugin for Wordpress! This Wordpress plugin automatically creates UNIQUE CONTENT on your blogs, every day if you like! Simply specify the topic and watch the autoblogging tool fill your blog with unique, relevant posts!

A free equivalent to commercially available autoblogging plugins that sell for upwards of $100 a month, this incredible free plugin posts press releases and articles on any topic you like, but uses a secret technique to make them unique first! No other plugin can do this!

BloggerHigh Free Wordpress SEO plugin - clone of SEOpressor

The BloggerHigh Linkcoaker for Wordpress! Automatically encrypt your outgoing links!

Stop other people and spyware stealing your affiliate commissions now by automatically encrypting all your outgoing links with this free link cloaking wordpress plugin! Also prevents 'PR leakage' which can hurt your rankings!

BloggerHigh Free Wordpress SEO plugin - clone of SEOpressor

The BloggerHigh AutoCommentPlus plugin for Wordpress! This wordpress plugin is available to Graduates of BloggerHigh only. It puts relevant comments on your posts automatically - all you need to do is specify the topic. It even works on autoblogs!

An equivalent to commercially available blog commenting plugins that sell for upwards of $50 a month, this incredible plugin will make your blog look popular, and keep the search engines coming back time and time again! Also makes each post more unique!

BloggerHigh Free Wordpress SEO plugin - clone of SEOpressor

An ARMY of dedicated wordpress blogs, crammed with UNIQUE CONTENT, tirelessly promoting your stuff for you! Unleash the autoblogs for an unlimited stream of free traffic and massive Page Rank boosts!

This incredible autoblogging ebook explains in complete detail how to set up self promoting autoblogs at minimal cost, blogs that will automatically start driving you vast chunks of traffic! Better yet, this system automatically puts your links onto THOUSANDS of different domains and IP addresses for a massive boost to the page rank and traffic of any site you like!

BloggerHigh Free Wordpress SEO plugin - clone of SEOpressor

A free trial of the incredible Snapcontent Autoblogging system! Now comes with FREE blog comments too! Just enter your keywords, and kerching! Unique content on any topic you like for your Wordpress autoblogs!

This simple wordpress autoblogging plugin turns any blog into a professional looking traffic pump in seconds, helping you rank for any keyphrase you like, no matter how competitive! You can even monetize these autoblogs directly, unlike existing autoblogs full of duplicate content!

BloggerHigh Free Wordpress SEO plugin - clone of SEOpressor

A free trial of the world-beating article spinning system! Unlike 'best spinners' this one has a free trial, an EDITED collaborative thesaurus (4,000,000 lookups and counting!) and a revolutionary '1 click' autospin system that produces READABLE English, not the usual jetspinner gibberish!

This incredible free trial, while not one of our free wordpress plugins,will show you exactly what an online content spinning system SHOULD be like, rather than the useless downloadable content spinners you have probably already tried!


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